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We are the intersection between digital assets and global megatrends. Quick takeaways, provoking thinking and actionable ideas.

Provoking thinking

Research pieces whose aim is to combine developments in blockchain with the most important megatrends in the global economy.

Blockchain and the reinvention of liberal democracies

The answers to the current challenges of democracy are not nationalism or more liberalism, but the updating of our mechanism to reach consensus. Technology will reshape the democracy of masses.

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How Long Will the Crypto Winter Last?

Crypto startups are currently enduring one of the harshest winters. Tourists are out and only the true believers of the blockchain technology have dug in for hibernation.

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Executive summaries of different developments in the crypto space.

Loans backed by crypto assets and their liquidity promise

Loans backed with digital assets are taking the crypto space by storm.

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Security tokens and the promise to democratize the patents industry

A completely illiquid and obscure market could get democratized through Security Tokens.

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